Be careful of burning

Stoves, ovens, hot surfaces and pans: who hasn’t burnt themselves while cooking dinner?

The skin burns when it comes into contact with excessive heat or corrosive substances such as acids. The skin loses its hydration and becomes red.

This happens both if we burn ourselves with the iron and under the excessively hot August sun.

The Dermovitamina products for treating burns

There is a Dermovitamina product to resolve every type of skin problem.
Dermovitamina Burn Cream 150 ml
Dermovitamina Burn Cream 30 ml

Household burns

Mild burns appear as red spots on the skin and annoying blisters full of clear liquid. They can be very painful because the skin that was irritated by the heat becomes extremely sensitive and even contact with clothes can be bothersome.

For household burns, it is a good idea to keep a specific ointment at home that can immediately relieve burnt skin. A good burn cream creates a protective layer that helps reduce the pain and also aids the skin’s physiological healing process.


When enjoying the summer sun and a beautiful day at the seaside, it’s always a good idea to avoid the hottest hours of sunshine. Protect your skin from the sun by using a proper sunscreen that is ideal for your complexion.

If you have spent too much time in the sun and you come back home red and burned, you can apply a specific cream that will provide relief immediately after application. Sun irritations, rashes and redness can be treated with the proper ointment that relieves pain and helps the skin’s normal healing process.