What is chafing?

Chafing is an annoying condition that not only affects the inner thighs, which we are used to hearing about, but also the feet, hands and stomach.

When it is hot and sweaty, the skin creates friction and becomes red and a little irritated.


It can also occur by wearing tight shoes or when you wear shoes without socks and annoying blisters form.

These are some of the situations where chafing reddens and weakens the skin. Pustules, blisters and excoriations are the defenses the skin uses to protect itself.

Chafing affects people who are overweight, those who are bedridden for a long period of time, but also those who play sports.

Those who love running, for example, know how bothersome this activity is on the athlete’s nipples. The shirt rubbing against and injuring the chest during training is a nuisance that can easily be prevented.

But even those who play tennis and injure the palms of their hands by rubbing against the racket can easily avoid this problem.

The Dermovitamina products for treating chafing

There is a Dermovitamina product to resolve every type of skin problem.
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Chafing: find out what you can do

When the skin is exposed to prolonged friction, it can get irritated and undergo abrasion. In order to prevent this, protect them with specific products that have a long-lasting barrier effect, which prevent rubbing and reduce skin friction in all areas prone to friction.

SPORTS: apply the product on the nipples, upper chest area, groin, underarms, inner thighs and all areas prone to friction and rubbing, before and during sporting activities. This allows you to freely participate in the sport by reducing friction.

EVERYDAY USE: the product can be applied to reduce chafing in the areas that are most at risk, such as the inner thighs, abdomen, under the breasts and underarms.