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Corns and small discomforts of the foot: most common causes

Tight footwear, repeated friction, postural habits and excessive pressure, give rise to defensive reactions of the skin which, in the points where it is thinner and more sensitive, becomes thicker and creates localized areas characterized by hyperkeratosis.

The callus, in particular, has a roundish structure. If untreated, softened and removed, it can take the shape of a cone and become deeper, causing subcutaneous tissue pressure by stressing the nerve endings.

This is why callus can cause pain and, in the most serious cases, problems with walking.

Counteract the discomfort caused by calluses: possible solutions

The prevention and treatment of these small problems of the skin of the foot, are very important, to avoid excessive worsening of local callosities.

Some suggestions for a correct prevention of hyperkeratosis:

  • provide comfortable footwear
  • take care of the feet: using a pumice stone after a shower or a foot bath in hot water
  • always use moisturizing and emollient creams and products to maintain the right degree of skin hydration and softness

Remove localized callosities: the products

In the market there are many remedies for the removal and treatment of localized calluses, small interdigital calluses and calluses and calluses of the feet.

Most of these products contain salicylic acid: this ingredient has the ability to soften the thickened keratin that is the cause of callus and the painful pressure that follows.

Salicylic acid therefore facilitates the dissolution of callus and its removal.
The products for treating interdigital calluses, calluses and skin thickening of the foot, if used daily, are very effective and also extremely safe, of course, if correctly used.

Dermovitamina Anti Corn Pen


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