Dermovitamina Cryo Warts

It can be very easy to contract a wart: just go to public places and wet areas such as swimming pools and gym locker rooms. Coming into contact with objects that have been used by a person who has a wart is the simplest way of getting one. Towels and shower mats are among the most common carriers.

The specific products found in pharmacies contain active ingredients that destroy keratin, the material of which the wart is made up of. When possible, these products are often preferred for use in both adults and children, because they are less invasive and easier to use.

Consult a doctor if the wart increases in size and is particularly painful.

Dermovitamina Verruche Cryo

38 ml - € 19,50

DM CE 0344

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Dermovitamina Warts
Dermovitamina Cryo Warts
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