Dermovitamina Fotoclin SPF 100+

In some circumstances or where the skin is very sensitive to the sun, UVA rays can generate pigmentary changes which go beyond redness and burns.

When to use a very high-performance sunscreen:

  • If your skin tends to develop DERMATITIS or your skin is highly REACTIVE
  • PIGMENT/DARK SPOTS tend to develop on your skin
  • If you are taking MEDICINAL PRODUCTS that make you PHOTOSENSITIVE
  • After a dermocorrective treatment (laser, hair removal, tattoos)
  • After radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments

Dermovitamina Fotoclin SPF 100+

50 ml - € 19,90

DM CE classe I

Dermovitamina Scars Gel
Dermovitamina Fotoclin SPF 100+