Dry and sensitive skin

Sensitive skin: what it is and how to treat it

Not everyone’s skin is the same and if you have delicate and sensitive skin you need to take care of it by using specific products.

Sensitive skin is more reactive to stimuli than normal skin.

The cold, water and even the use of aggressive soaps are likely to make the skin red, which becomes bothersome and itchy when irritated.

This is exactly why we recommend that you:

  • protect your skin from the cold
  • do not use aggressive soaps
  • be careful of chemical agents
  • use delicate and specific products

Sensitive skin: some more advice

Those with a naturally delicate skin, like children, can use delicate cleansing oils that cleanse the skin while respecting its sensitivity.

If your skin is irritated due to an allergy, chemicals or dermatitis, or even if your baby has a diaper irritation, use specific ointments that effectively treat many types of skin irritation from the first application.

The Dermovitamina products for treating sensitive skin

There is a Dermovitamina product to resolve every type of skin problem.
Dermovitamina Calmilene Moisturising Cream
Calmilene Moisturising Lotion
Dermovitamina Calmilene SensiCream
Dermovitamina Calmilene Dry Oil Spray
Dermovitamina Calmilene SensiOil
Dermovitamina Calmilene AF Block
Dermovitamina Calmilene DeoFisio Fresh 24+
Dermovitamina Calmilene DeoFisio Sensitive 24+
Dermovitamina Calmilene Restorative Balm
Dermovitamina Calmilene Eyelid Cream
Dermovitamina Calmilene Face Cream
Dermovitamina Calmilene Dermatitis