Dermovitamina Micoblock 3 in 1 Nail Solution

What is mycosis?

Mycoses are infections caused by microscopic fungi, called mycetes which attack the skin, nails and genital areas when favourable growth conditions, such as humid environments, are present. Mycoses can occur in adults or children and generally appear as white or reddish spots on the body and are accompanied by peeling and a bothersome itching sensation.

Getting a cutaneous fungal infection is not very difficult because you can come into contact with fungi in numerous places: gyms, swimming pools and even the beach. Moisture, fairly high temperatures and poor hygiene aid in the proliferation of mycetes.

Other factors can also contribute to the formation of mycosis such as diabetes, old age, excessive sweating, trauma to the nails and poor peripheral blood circulation.

Dermovitamina Micoblock 3 in 1 Nail Solution

7 ml - € 14,90

DM CE 0476

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