Dermovitamina Moisturising Vaginal Gel

Vaginal dryness is a problem that affects many women, even at different stages of life. In fact, a certain vulvar dryness may be experienced during intercourse, or it could be one of the symptoms of women who are approaching or beginning menopause.

The main cause of vaginal dryness is atrophy, an inflammation and thickening of the mucosa that naturally lubricates the vagina, due to a drop in the female hormone oestrogen.

The main causes of vaginal dryness are: a decrease in the level of oestrogen, the use of certain medicines, vaginitis or irritation due to a simple pH imbalance.

Dermovitamina Moisturising Vaginal Gel

40 ml - € 12,50

DM CE Class I

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Dermovitamina Moisturising Vaginal Gel
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