In some circumstances or where the skin is very sensitive to the sun, UVA rays can generate pigmentary changes which go beyond redness and burns.

80% of skin ageing is caused by sunlight.

Skin colour changes usually form on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip.

Some PIGMENT SPOTS can be caused by hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or the use of photosensitive medicinal products, such as oral contraceptives.

Some PIGMENT SPOTS can be caused by the fact that our skin reacts to external irritants, causing dark spots.

This normally happens after an aggressive skin treatment (such as a scrub), injury, scars or acne.


When to use a very high-performance sunscreen:

  • If your skin tends to develop DERMATITIS or your skin is highly REACTIVE
  • PIGMENT/DARK SPOTS tend to develop on your skin
  • If you are taking MEDICINAL PRODUCTS that make you PHOTOSENSITIVE
  • After a dermocorrective treatment (laser, hair removal, tattoos)
  • After radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments

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