Dermovitamina Proctocare Cream

Haemorrhoids are a rather common pathology that is estimated to affect practically every person at least once in their lifetime. The problem is equally common in both men and women, although women are at higher risk due to pregnancy. Haemorrhoids are a bothersome and painful problem that many people suffer from.

Anal fissures are lacerations of the skin around the anus. Besides being a rather painful and bothersome phenomenon, they are difficult to treat. Anal fissures also have a high likelihood of recurrence. Most anal fissures are caused by excessive stretching of the anus. The skin therefore can tear and then break. This occurs especially in people who suffer from chronic constipation, where the stool can be excessively large and hard.

Dermovitamina Proctocare Cream

30 ml - € 10,90

DM CE 0546

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Dermovitamina Proctocare Cream
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