Pruritus is a bothersome sensation, which triggers a desire to scratch yourself for relief.

Pruritus can be caused by:

  • eczema,
  • dermatitis,
  • dry or dehydrated skin,
  • erythemas, rashes,
  • aquagenic pruritus,
  • insect bites,
  • exanthematous diseases,
  • allergic hypersensitivity.

Fighting pruritus

To effectively counteract localized itching caused by triggering events, it is essential to keep the skin properly hydrated and to obtain quick relief of the main symptoms.

Specific products that relieve this annoying itching sensation after application can be easily found in the pharmacy.

Choose fluid creams if you have to treat an extensive area of the body such as the legs, back or arms.

But if you have to treat an annoying insect bite, for example, a smaller and lighter tube of ointment can be chosen.

Some of the important ingredients that must be in a cream that soothes itching are vitamin E which has nourishing properties, vegetable oils which have an emollient and moisturizing action and Calmilene® which is a soothing, anti-itch and anti-reddening active ingredient.

The Dermovitamina products for treating pruritus

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