SCARS: what they are and how to treat them

When we get injured, burnt or undergo surgery, our body initiates the healing process in order to repair the wound.

  • hypertrophic scar: an excessive amount of tissue is regenerated and the skin therefore remains raised
  • atrophic scar: only small amounts of tissue is regenerated and this can also cause the wound to reopen

Treating scars

To avoid unsightly scars, it is important that a specific product be applied to the wound or lesion that helps the natural healing process from the very first application. This is the only way to avoid imperfections from scars.

In fact, gels containing filmogenic and protective active ingredients can be obtained in pharmacies that encourage the physiological scarring mechanisms and counteract the formation of hypertrophic keloids.

Scars and the sun

When we sunbathe, either on the beach or at the park, we must protect those areas of our skin that have scars or where wounds are healing. Exposure to sunlight can lead to hyperpigmentation of the skin. Protecting these areas of the skin with specific products prevents them from becoming red and complicating the healing process.

Products that reduce the formation of hypertrophic keloids and help flatten scars and improve their appearance can be obtained at the pharmacy. With the use of UV filters, these products protect the scars and prevent them from reddening and becoming dark.

Domestic Wounds

Everyone has had a superficial injury.

Just think of the cuts in the kitchen, the peeling of the knees of the children playing, but also the scratching of the cat … in short, we are daily subject to obtaining what they use called “domestic wounds”.
More precisely, however, the small cuts, peelings and scratches are defined as “superficial wounds” and consist in an interruption of the integrity of the tissues that cover the body.
Superficial wounds can be added distinctly in abrasions, which consist of superficial damage to the skin, and grazes, which extend deeper, going to touch the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

When we are superficially injured it is necessary to proceed immediately with the wound with a sterile gauze. It will also be appropriate to use specific creams to facilitate the healing process, helping to restore the condition of the skin and normalize its microenvironment.

The Dermovitamina products for treating scars

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