The woman’s line

The specific Dermovitamina products for women

Over the course of their lives, most women experience many minor ailments, illnesses and pains that can be related to hormonal changes that occur from puberty up to menopause.

During a woman’s fertile years, painful and bothersome breast rhagades may often develop during and after pregnancy and while breast feeding. Other small problems that can affect women of all ages are Vaginal Dryness or minor episodes of Candidiasis or vaginal fungal infections.

There is a Dermovitamina product to resolve every type of skin problem.

Per ogni problema della pelle c’è un prodotto Dermovitamina per risolverlo.
Dermovitamina Moisturising Vaginal Gel
Dermovitamina GynoMicoblock
Dermovitamina Breast Fissures

Breast rhagades

Breast rhagades are small, fairly deep fissures affecting the nipple and the areola surrounding it. Rhagades on the nipple could also be a point of entry for bacteria, with possible infection of the mammary glands.

Vaginal mycosis

Vaginal mycosis is nothing more than a bothersome fungal infection, where the different strains of micro-organisms that normally colonize the vaginal mucosa without problems become infected. The characteristic symptoms of an ongoing vaginal mycosis are: itching, redness, white or yellowish discharge which can sometimes have a strong odour, prolonged pain or discomfort.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a problem that affects many women, even at different stages of life. In fact, a certain vulvar dryness may be experienced during intercourse, or it could be one of the symptoms of women who are approaching or beginning menopause.

The main cause of vaginal dryness is atrophy, an inflammation and thickening of the mucosa that naturally lubricates the vagina, due to a drop in the female hormone oestrogen.

The main causes of vaginal dryness are: a decrease in the level of oestrogen, the use of certain medicines, vaginitis or irritation due to a simple pH imbalance.